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Pop up: Group multiple lines with one click

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If you have any invoices with a lot of lines, it’s likely you don’t want to see every single line item when you are viewing.

That’s why we added a handy little feature…

As I’m sure you’ve already seen, you can click on any cell in the “Account Breakdown” table on your dashboard, to view the detail of what makes up the total. The popup that appears shows the line items.

For example, here we see a popup for ‘Web hosting’ in October. Note the client “DIISR – Small Business Services” has multiple line items for ‘Web hosting’, all from the same invoice.

This popup is showing the line items for each invoice, which is set by the “Group by” switch that can be seen at the top right hand corner of the pop up screen.

If you click on “Invoice” in this “Group by” setting, the pop up will now show just one line per invoice.
That same popup for ‘Web hosting’ in October now looks like this:

Note how there is now just a single line for “DIISR – Small Business Services” because the eight line items showed in the previous view were all from one invoice.

It’s that easy to switch between viewing all the line items or grouping the totals by invoice.

From this screen you can also go straight through and view the specific repeating invoice in Xero. Simply click the Xero logo in the corresponding “edit” column (see above) and you’ll be taken straight to the invoice in question. If you have access to multiple Xero organisations, just make sure you’re logged into Xero with the correct organisation account.


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