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How to I delete my organisation from BeanBox?

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If you are on a paid plan, and no longer need BeanBox, you can simply cancel your subscription by downgrading to the free plan from the plans page. Read details here.

If you want to delete your organisation from BeanBox completely, here’s how:

  1. Go to the Company Users page and remove all the other users from that company.
  2. Now that you are the only user attached to the organisation, go to your My Account page, scroll to the bottom and choose “Delete Account”.  All accounting data stored in BeanBox for that organisation will then be deleted, as well as your own account.

Note: We remove all accounting data, but we do retain key details about your company, such as the name, Xero ID, billing history, etc. Deleting your account will not enable you to have another free trial if you reconnect to BeanBox.

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