Multi-currency support

If you are using multi-currency in your Xero account, BeanBox can handle it.

When you have created an invoice in a currency that is different to your base currency, BeanBox automatically converts the figures back to your base currency using today’s exchange rate.

Line items with currency conversions are identified by a grey triangle indicator in the top right hand corner of each figure, so you can easily find them amongst other invoices.

You’ll find this in both the dashboard pop up and the line items screen.

To view the figure in the original currency, simply hover your cursor over the relevant figure, and a “tool tip” will appear displaying the amount in the original currency (see below).

Additionally, if you choose to perform a data export, the original currencies will be included in your reports along with the converted figures.

In this example below, the base currency is NZD (see column G, H and I) and the company issued some invoices in USD as identified in the ‘Currency’ column on the far right.

Because this company is using multiple currencies, both the base currency (columns G, H, and I) and the converted invoice currency (columns J, K and L) appear conveniently in the export file. This allows you to easily run whatever complex analysis and pivot tables you wish to on your data.

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