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Xero Tracking Categories Forecast

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If you use Xero Tracking Categories on your repeating invoices, BeanBox will automatically give you a forecast per tracking category on your main dashboard.

Xero allows you to create up to two tracking categories, with multiple tracking options under each.

We pull all of this data in and show you a forecast for each tracking option you have. There’s one table per tracking category.

An Example

For example, our demo account is using two tracking categories – one for “Region” and another tracking category for “Sales Rep” .  So we see two extra tables on the dashboard, right under the accounts breakdown table.

The first table shows the 12-month forecast per region, and the second table shows the forecast per sales rep.

Here’s what it looks like:

Two Tracking Categories

Available on the Free and Standard Plans

Companies on the Standard plan can see a full 12-month forecast per tracking category (as shown above), plus 12-month totals as well.  Companies on the free plan can see the tracking category breakdown for this month and next month.

Tracking Categories in Line Items Table and Export Data

You can also see tracking categories in the line items table and in your BeanBox line items export.


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