Invoices Ending Views

We’ve made some enhancements to the views for repeating invoices that are ending.

[November 2018]

Here’s a video explaining the updates:


Overall enhancements:

Dashboard Options

On your dashboard you can now toggle between showing all of the invoices that are ending, or just showing the totals per month for invoices that are ending.  This is especially useful for companies with a large number of invoices ending, which previously cluttered the dashboard.

We’ve also increased the timeframes you can choose for how far in advance to see invoices that are ending.  Previously the maximum was 12 months – there are now options for viewing 18, 24 and 36 months in advance too.


A New Invoices Ending Screen

The new invoices ending screen gives you a much more detailed breakdown of the invoices that are ending. Instead of having to click across into Xero to see what is on each invoice, you can simply click to expand and view the line items for those invoices. You can also see the exact end date for each invoice.

This screen also handles multi-currency invoices, converting them back to your base currency, and allowing you to easily see the original currency amount too.

As with the original dashboard view, you can click the Xero icon to be taken directly to that repeating invoice in Xero.  (If you have multiple Xero companies you need to be logged into the correct Xero company that matches this invoice for this link to work).


View the Invoices Ending screen



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