Is BeanBox GDPR compliant?

Yes! BeanBox is GDPR compliant.

Key aspects of our compliance:


When you tick the checkbox on the sign up page, you are providing consent for us to store your information, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You can access your personal information:

To access the personal information we have stored about you, visit the Edit Account page and click the button to “Download my personal information”.  This provides a PDF download that contains all the personal information we store about you. It also includes tracking data that our third-party email system stores about you, including which emails have been sent to you, which ones have been opened, marketing tags applied, etc.

You can delete your personal information:

You have the right to delete your personal information from BeanBox by deleting your account.  To do this, visit the Edit account page and click the button that says “Delete Account”.  You will be asked to confirm.  When you confirm, this process deletes your user account from BeanBox, it deletes the personal information we have stored about you, and also deletes you as a contact from our third-party email system, including deleting all history from that system about you.

If you are the only user attached to an organisation, then all accounting data stored in BeanBox for that organisation will be deleted too.  If you are not the only user attached to an organisation, but want to delete all of your organisation’s data, simply go to the Company Users page and remove the other users from that company before deleting your account.

Privacy by Design

We take privacy seriously and protecting your data in BeanBox is very important to us. Our Privacy Policy outlines how we treat personal information.

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