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Repeating income totals for... Next 2 months Next 12 months
Repeating income per Xero account breakdown Last month and this month Last month and next 12 months
Invoices Ending Warning for... Next month Next 12 months
Amounts viewable by Due Date
Amounts viewable by Invoiced Date
Amounts viewable by Tax Exclusive
Amounts viewable by Tax Inclusive
Drill into detail on any month. See exact invoices and line items per month
Financial Year Totals Per Account
Detailed Line Items View - search and filter all repeating invoice line items
Export list of repeating invoices
Export full data, including invoice line items, income by customer, and accounts breakdown
Direct links to edit Xero repeating invoices
View Income Per Customer, monthly and annual totals
Drill into any customer, any month. See exact invoices and line items
One-click Export Dashboard to PDF
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