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Line items table – ordering and filtering

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BeanBox makes it easy to access and organise your line items with a range of filtering options.

Firstly, you’ll find the line items table from your dashboard, located under “Go to > Line Items”.


From here, you’re able to organise your line items by a range of filters including invoice date, client and type of account.

Use the search bar to the right of the filter options to find repeating invoices with specific keywords (something that’s pretty hard to do in Xero!)

You can also easily order your invoices either numerically or alphabetically by clicking the corresponding column on the table header as highlighted below.

If necessary, you can even go straight through and view the specific repeating invoice in Xero. Simply click the Xero logo in the corresponding “edit” column (see above) and you’ll be taken straight to the invoice in question. If you have access to multiple Xero organisations, just make sure you’re logged into Xero with the correct organisation account.

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