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My figures don’t match Xero

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If your figures aren’t matching what you see in Xero, here’s what to check.

Tax Inclusive or Exclusive?

The first thing to check is whether your dashboard is set to “tax inclusive” or “tax exclusive”.

In Xero, if you’re looking at the repeating invoices list, the “Amount” column shows the tax inclusive amount. So for BeanBox to match, be sure it is set to tax inclusive. (See how)

Invoice date or due date?

In Xero, the repeating invoices screen will show the “next invoice date” in a column. If you’re using this to check against the figures in BeanBox, make sure your BeanBox dashboard is set to “invoice date” not “due date”. (See how)

New invoice not showing up?

If a new invoice you’ve just created is not showing up, even after doing a manual sync, it could be because you made an edit to the invoice after it was first created, and due to a quirk in Xero, Xero now only tells us the next invoice date, not the first one. See this article for more info: Two Times You Should Trigger a Manual Sync.

Just joined BeanBox and the previous month’s figures look wrong?

If you’re just joined BeanBox and the figures for the previous months look wrong, it is due to a limitation in how Xero provides the data for repeating invoices that have been edited. You can read more here: Why aren’t my historical figures perfectly accurate?

Something else?

Hopefully one of the suggestions above solves the problem. But if not, send our support team a message along with a screenshot from Xero showing what is different, and we’ll be happy to dig further into it for you to find out why.

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