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Adding or removing users

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Did you know that you can add unlimited users to your BeanBox account for no extra charge?

If you are paying for the Standard Plan for an organisation, then all users connected to that organisation will have the full standard features.

How to add a new user 

To add additional users, simply go to the Settings cog > Company users.

Then click “Add new user“.

If you have more than one organisation in BeanBox you’ll get to choose which organisations you want them to have access to.

If the email address you type in already has a BeanBox account, they’ll instantly be granted access to that dashboard for the organisation you just added them to.

If they don’t yet have a BeanBox account, you’ll be asked to fill in their name and create a password for them.  Once added, you’ll need to let them know their password. They can change it at any time.

Viewing and removing users

Viewing users: You can view which users have access to your BeanBox organisation by going to Settings (cog) > Company users.

Removing Users: You can remove users on that same screen, by simply clicking “Remove”.  However, remember, if they still have access to your Xero organisation, they’ll be able to add themselves back into BeanBox by logging in and then connecting their BeanBox account to the Xero organisation.

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