Adding more users

Because your BeanBox subscription is assigned to your organisation, you can add unlimited users to your BeanBox account for no extra charge. If you are paying for the Standard Plan for an organisation, then all users connected to that organisation will have the full standard features.

The process for adding new users varies depending on if they have access to Xero or not, so we’ve outlined both processes below to ensure everyone can connect to BeanBox!

How to add a new user (who has access to Xero)

To add additional users, they simply need to sign up at the BeanBox signup page and then connect to Xero (They’ll need at least standard access to your Xero organisation. If they don’t have standard access, see the alternative instructions below).

Once they’ve authenticated with Xero, they’ll have access in BeanBox and will be able to see the same dashboard you view.

Simply send them this link to sign up:

What if someone doesn’t have standard access to Xero, but I want them to see BeanBox reports?

This is easy to setup.

  1. Either you or them need to sign up for BeanBox with their email address at the signup page.
  2. For the “Connect to Xero” step you need to log into Xero with your account to authenticate access.
  3. They can now log into BeanBox with their email address and see the reports. (They won’t have access to your Xero account).
  4. If you want to remove them in the future, just go to Settings (cog) > Company users and click “remove” against their email address.

Viewing and removing users

Viewing users: You can view which users have access to your BeanBox organisation by going to Settings (cog) > Company users.

Removing Users: You can remove users on that screen, by simply clicking “Remove”.  However, remember, if they still have access to your Xero organisation, they’ll be able to add themselves back into BeanBox.

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