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Data Flow Diagram

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How does data flow between your accounting system and BeanBox?

BeanBox pulls information from Xero – it does not push any data to Xero.

BeanBox leaves your data untouched in Xero.  We copy the data we need, and then create the projections and run the reports in BeanBox.

We pull the following data from Xero into BeanBox:

  • Your organisation name, country, currency and timezone
  • Repeating invoices – all data from your repeating invoice templates
  • Account codes
  • Tracking categories


How do we protect your information?

Protecting your data in BeanBox is very important to us. We use an SSL certificate to encrypt all information that is passed through the site.

Our database is encrypted at rest, including all backups of the data, using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm for encryption. We use a secure key management system for the encryption keys.  The database is located in a private-subnet and therefore not publicly accessible.

On top of this, all financial amounts from invoice line items are stored using additional encryption in our database. The reports that BeanBox creates for your company will only be seen by you.  We don’t see your reports, or even any invoice line amount. If you have a question about any totals in your reports you’ll need to send us a screenshot, or grant BeanBox temporary visibility to your account in the BeanBox interface.

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